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Group Site Closing
Entry posted on Jun 09, 2015 by karla mattson

Hello everyone,

I'm not sure how many folks are still visiting this site since it has been so unstable but if you do visit us, I want to let you know that our site is closing very soon. We will continue to use MeetUp for organizing our meetings. We hope you will continue to be a part of our growing community.


Favorite Things
Entry posted on Mar 05, 2015 by karla mattson

Hey everyone,

I want to thank you for joining us in our series of meetings featuring our favorite things. We have covered topics such as Illustrator, Indesign, Camera Raw, Photoshop, and most recently Muse. This month we are turning our focus onto our members to share their favorite things. We have a few volunteers to present their tips and tricks for things they use everyday in their jobs. Of course Maribeth and I are always willing to fill in the gaps.

We hope you continue to attend our meetings; we always learn so much! Of course we will keep up the tradition of snacks, beverages and prizes. We’re looking forward to seeing you on the 24th!

Karla and Maribeth

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